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Phone: 800-255-0084
For grades: K-12
Fees for live visit: $790
Funding: Lots of our States have special drug-fund monies available to help.


Over 12,000 Thrilled Past Audiences »

This was without a doubt one of the best presentations our school has had. The presenters were personable, informative and very engaging to our students. The show kept our students mesmerized and it is something our students will not forget. Thank you!
--- Ninety Six Primary School - Ninety Six, SC

Once again we are offering four new exceptional teams of Chinese acrobats to entertain and educate our schools. Each team of acrobats presents an amazing, fantastic, colorful program. Each group will have four acrobats and an interpreter who will enrich each assembly with facts about Chinese culture, customs and school life. Whichever group you get will provide your school with an unforgettable, breathtaking experience.

The art of Chinese acrobatics combines both physically and spiritually. Coupled with an acrobat's immense athletic strength and impeccable balance and timing is the Asian philosophy of inner strength , which focuses the body and mind to work in perfect harmony. Each individual acrobat's physical and philosophical strength combines with that of the fellow members of his or her troupe in magnificent displays of balancing, juggling, dance, comedy and magic.

The fee for this unique program is understandably higher than our norm. We encourage you to "buddy-up" with another school to share the cost. Invite your parents and grandparents to share this wonderful opportunity.

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Founded in 1901, the Bureau of Lectures provided over 7000 assemblies to 2938 schools in the last school year. Our programs are education and/or entertaining and GUARANTEED.

We think you will be most pleased with the line-up of programs we are offering you for the 2014-2015 year. Almost all of the programs are related in some way to your curriculum, and most can deliver a "Say No" message if you want to use drug free funds to pay for the assembly. 

As always, call us with your special needs and requests. We pride ourselves on our "fast, patient, and imformative" service and our commitment to quality programming.

John A. Tacha, Director         John R. Tacha
Barbara Wood                        Matt Shroyer
Andy Thibodo                         Terry Lyman

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