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Phone: 800-255-0084
For grades: K-12
Fees for live visit: $490
Funding: Lots of our States have special drug-fund monies available to help.


with Greg Kaler »

Excellent message and even better presentation. Be kind, be healthy, be active, and you'll be happy! Greg Kaler was fantastic for the faculty to work with and excellent with the children. He did a great job of keeping the students engaged and tuned in to his message.
--- St. Francis De Sales School, Herkimer, NY

World Class children's educator and entertainer Greg Kaler has just returned from a five month stint of performing school shows across the globe! Greg has brought back some games he learned from the countries where he performed, which he is incorporating into this year’s school assembly.

His new show is both fun and educational, and involves many students from the audience. There is an important message in the program as well: the importance of cooperation, if you try your best, you are a winner and if you had fun, you won! The games and activities showcased in the program are from China, Viet Nam, England, Africa, Australia and a new game from America.

China......................Taijai Rouliqiu Ball, Flower Sticks and Ribbon Twirling
Viet Nam.................Jianzi or Da Cau (the national sport)
England ..................Shuttleball
Africa .....................The Diabolo
Australia ................Boomerangs

There are other games and surprises along the way, plus catchy music with each activity. To finish the show Greg offers an activity to everyone who would like to participate! Both students and teachers alike will leave the performance area inspired, entertained, educated, and wishing for more!

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Founded in 1901, the Bureau of Lectures provided over 7000 assemblies to 2938 schools in the last school year. Our programs are education and/or entertaining and GUARANTEED.

We think you will be most pleased with the line-up of programs we are offering you for the 2014-2015 year. Almost all of the programs are related in some way to your curriculum, and most can deliver a "Say No" message if you want to use drug free funds to pay for the assembly. 

As always, call us with your special needs and requests. We pride ourselves on our "fast, patient, and imformative" service and our commitment to quality programming.

John A. Tacha, Director                John R. Tacha
Barbara Wood                               Matt Shroyer

Andy Thibodo                                Terry Lyman

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