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Phone: 800-255-0084
For grades: K-9
Fees for live visit: $490
Funding: Lots of our States have special drug-fund monies available to help.


Multi-Cultural Tales »

Full of charm and creative whimsy.
--- Los Angeles Times

Enjoy multi-cultural tales hosted by Rowby, a friendly green alien who loves sharing stories he collects from Planet Earth. Each show includes four stories:

  • Jack and the Beanstalk: a Celtic rendition, with music and narration by world-renowned harpist Robin Williamson
  • Dogs and Masters: a romp through the parks of Paris with animated cut-outs and music
  • Kamala's Drum: a Himalayan folk tale about the spirit of generosity
  • The Three Little Pigs: a fast-paced, rap version of the popular tale

Puppetry is the art of transforming inanimate objects into believable characters. There are many different kinds of puppets which are usually distinguished by how they are manipulated. In this show we are using primarily hand puppets, but there are some rod puppets such as the two - dimensional ones used in DOGS and the monkey in THE DRUM.

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Founded in 1901, the Bureau of Lectures provided over 7000 assemblies to 2938 schools in the last school year. Our programs are education and/or entertaining and GUARANTEED.

We think you will be most pleased with the line-up of programs we are offering you for the 2014-2015 year. Almost all of the programs are related in some way to your curriculum, and most can deliver a "Say No" message if you want to use drug free funds to pay for the assembly. 

As always, call us with your special needs and requests. We pride ourselves on our "fast, patient, and imformative" service and our commitment to quality programming.

John A. Tacha, Director             John R. Tacha
Barbara Wood                            Matt Shroye

Andy Thiibodo                            Terry Lyman

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