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Only $50 per year for each additional listing for 3 or more listings

If you are an agency representing 3 or more performers, or a performer with 3 or more acts, you will save money by getting a Multiple Listing Account with 3 or more listings cost only $50 each. Here's how it works...

1. Notify us by email that you intend to list 3 or more acts.
2. Create an account and enter the information for your first act. Then create another account for your next act, and so forth until you have a separate account for each of your acts. You can use the same password for all of your listings, but you'll need a different username for each. Use this format for your usernames: name1-name2, where "name1" is the same for all of your listings, and "name2" refers to the specific act.
3. Submit your payment by credit card using the PayPal option below, or by mailing a check to, PO Box 181, Temple NH 03084.
4. Within 24 hours after we receive your payment, your listings will be activated.

Suggestion: Use your initial listing as your "Main Page". Then, in your Description of Programs section, you can enter information about all of your acts. See sample.

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